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New Windows & Doors – What is a FENSA or CERTASS Certificate?

If you are having new windows or doors installed, or are selling your home you might hear the phrase FENSA Certificate.

The FENSA certificate is the declaration by the installer that the windows or doors have been installed in accordance with building regulations.

If you are looking at having new windows, check your installer is FENSA or CERTASS registered so that the work is done to the required standards.

It is worth keeping these certificates safe, a buyer’s Solicitor would request to see these when you are selling, though indemnity policies can be obtained if no certificate is available. Replacement certificates are also available online, but they do cost £25 each – usually for each installation job and not one for each window or door.

You can find whether your windows or doors have a FENSA certificate, and can order a replacement certificate on the FENSA website, link below;

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