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Ellesmere Port Office 0151 355 2645

Middlewich Office 01606 834 824

As well as serving our clients for all of their legal needs, Blain Boland is a committed and proud member of the business community. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for potential new partners we can build a long-lasting and successful collaboration with.

Why Partner With Blain Boland?

Your business can enjoy a number of exciting benefits by partnering with us. Here’s what Blain Boland can offer as a business partner, and some of the pillars we look for when working with other companies.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing a positive experience for anyone who interacts with us as a company. That, of course, goes for all of our clients but extends to any individual or business speaking with a Blain Boland team member, especially one of our partners. In turn, we hope for a similar commitment to excellent customer service from any organisation we partner with.


Here at Blain Boland, we’re looking for like-minded businesses to join our network so that we can work together to help both of our companies grow. As a partner of ours, we’ll be more than happy to refer your company to any of our clients or networking colleagues if they are looking for your specialist service. By offering us the same potential for new business, together we can harbour a fruitful partnership.

Making Life Easier

We’re proud to offer a service that makes life easier for our clients, and we hope our potential partners follow similar principles to business.

How to partner with us and refer clients

  1. We’ll kick the process off simply by meeting up for a chat
  2. Together, we’ll agree on a partnership agreement.
  3. You can then pass your client’s details over for us to speak with them.
  4. As always, we will provide them with an excellent legal service.
  5. You can stay updated with your referral via our new online system.
  6. Upon completion of our business, referral fees will be paid to you.

Another benefit of partnering with Blain Boland will be exclusive access to our Conveyancing Training Course, which is currently in the works.

If your business’ principles tick all of these boxes, we would love to speak with you about partnering with Blain Boland. Give us a call or get in touch below to speak with a member of our team about making this happen.


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