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In accordance with regulations we are obliged to provide an overview of information on the services we provide for transparency purposes. In all instances VAT is charged at 20% and VAT does not apply to any listed disbursements.

Our conveyancing teams at our offices have a wealth of experience with Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers who have been doing conveyancing for up to 20 years, and legal assistants with similar levels of experience.

Legal fees are fees charged by the fee earner for work on your file and are subject to VAT. We do operate our conveyancing department on a fixed fee basis.

Disbursements are costs paid to 3rd parties involved in the transaction, and are not subject to VAT.

Note: If your matter requires additional work that is not included in the standard legal fee, you will be informed of this and what the additional cost will be at the earliest possible time.

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All our employment law advice is given by our head of department Solicitor with over 15 years experience.

Services such as ACAS may be able to assist you initially in deciding whether you need to seek legal advice for any employment law concern you may have.

Fees for giving advice on a settlement agreement start at £350+VAT, and depend on the complexity of the matter. The average charge for a settlement agreement adive is £350+VAT. Your employer may meet some or all of these costs for you. A settlement agreement can usually be dealt with within 7 days of the agreement being issued by the employer.

All other employment law advice and representation is costed on a time basis, starting at £150+VAT/Hour. The complexity of the case, together with the volume of documentation needing to be prepared for the trial bundle, and the number of days required for the trial will all affect the costs.

Should a case go to trial the fees may range from £1,500+VAT to £10,000+VAT.

Depending on the various stages your claim reaches will affect the costs, the common stages of giving advice that may lead to representation at trial are;

Initial Advice

Issuing your Claim via drafting ET1

Disclosure of Documents

Preparation of Witness Statements

Trial Bundle Preparation

Representation at Trial


It is very difficult to give a timescale for the above, due to delays in the court system and availability of the tribunal to hear your case.  Though in most cases you would need so submit the claim with 3 months of the effective end of your employment.

Where Counsel or a Barrister’s advice or representation is required their fees will be costed on a per hour basis and will be subject to VAT.

Our Private Client department can help you to put the necessary measures in place to protect your wealth and provide for your family in the future. Whether you are planning for the future or have recently lost a loved one, we can advise on the appropriate next steps for you to take.

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Ellesmere Port Office 0151 355 2645 | Middlewich Office 01606 834 824

Ellesmere Port Office 0151 355 2645  Middlewich Office 01606 834 824

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