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Wills And Probate

We are experienced solicitors who work with you to protect your interests, handling your personal legal matters with discretion, whilst ensuring your personal wishes are carried out. We believe putting plans in place early by drafting a will or granting LPA can provide peace of mind and make sure that the best outcome is achieved by promptly dealing with administration of estates and any issues which arise to ease distress at a difficult time.

No matter if you’re preparing for the future or managing the loss of a family member, we are experts in wills, probate, and lasting power of attorney (LPA) can offer strong support.


A legal document expressing how you would like your estate to be dealt with after you pass away.

An estate can include investments, businesses, money, personal belongings and property.

If you do not have a will when you die it will then intestacy rules will decide who inherits your estate.

Making a will gives you peace of mind.


This is the process a person obtains with the Court’s permission to deal with a deceased estate.

Before any next of kin or executor named on the will can have anything from the will, they may have to apply for probate.

A probate is usually needed when any of the following triggers applies:

  • The value of a sole estate is over £5,000, after payment of the funeral
  • When probate has been granted, this allows the person in the Will to collect what has been left for them

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

This is a legal document giving someone the power to make decisions about the care, welfare, and finances of another person.

It allows you to decide who you trust and would like to have this control on your behalf of you, should you get to a stage of not having the mental capacity to do so.

There are 2 types of LPA’s

Property and Financial Affairs LPA

This includes assets, property, or financial affairs,

Health and Welfare LPA

This is regarding the health and welfare, should they lack mental or physical capacity to make decisions

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