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Please complete our form or contact us for a fixed fee quote for dealing with your Re-mortgage matter. We pride ourselves in knowing all the information to give you an accurate quote, so that fees will not increase as the transactions progresses.

If you wish to discuss the quote you have received, or compare this to others please contact our offices and we would be happy to discuss further.

If you require assistance with any other matter such as a Transfer of Equity, Equity Release or Deed of Gift please visit the page on the link below for more information and a contact form.

Purchasing a Property too?

Please select one of the options below to request a quote. We will then be able to provide a fixed fee, fully transparent quote for dealing with your property transaction, providing a complete breakdown of all costs involved. Alternatively should you wish to discuss your matter or to obtain a quote over the phone please call our offices on 01606 834 824 or 0151 355 2645.

If you require assistance with any other matter such as a Transfer of Equity, Equity Release or Deed of Gift please visit the page on the link below for more information and a contact form.

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    In accordance with regulations we are obliged to provide an overview of information on the services we provide for transparency purposes. In all instances VAT is charged at 20% and VAT does not apply to any listed disbursements.

    The legal process of selling a property only begins once the Solicitor sends the ‘draft contract pack’ to your Buyer’s Solicitor. This usually takes between 10-14 weeks, and varies depending on the complexity of the matter, type of property (leasehold or freehold) and length of chain. If you are in a chain unfortunately the matter will only move as quickly as the slowest person in the chain.

    Until contracts are exchanged no dates are set for completion, either buyer or seller can pull out of the transaction. It may be possible to be aiming for a date 2-4 weeks in advance to look at completion. It is ideal to have at least one week between exchange and completion to confirm these arrangements.

    Whilst your mortgage lender will do a valuation, they may also carry out a survey. This will not be as detailed as you may want, so you may instruct your own surveyor to give an open assessment of the propety, which may also include their valuation.

    A more detailed survey may be required if the property is very old, listed, or has been subject to extensive structural alterations. Your solicitor can recommend a local surveyor.

    If you are using a mortgage to purchase a property you will need searches as part of the legal process. We carry out a local search, which reveals information relating to work at the property that require building regulations or planning consent, or nearby projects which have need planning permission and large infrastructure projects.

    We also carry out a drainage search, which reveals the extent of the sewerage and fresh water pipework at the property, and an environmental search which reveals information such as risk of flooding, land contamination, or landfill etc.

    If you are selling you need to budget for estate agent’s fees and legal fees and office copy documents. If the property is leasehold the management company may charge their own fees for information and services. You may wish to contact them at the outset to confirm these.

    If you are buying you need to budget for legal fees and disbursements. Disbursements are payments made by your solicitor to other parties, such as stamp duty to HMRC, land registry fees to register the property and search fees. You also need to budget for lender’s valuation fees, and your own survey.

    Contracts are exchanged once yourself and the Solicitor are ready to proceed. This also sets the date for completion. Ideally exchange happens at least 1 week before completion to give everyone time to make suitable arrangements.

    Completion date is the date on which you move into your new property and vacate the old one.

    The contract requires for you to insure on exchange of contracts. At this point it is said that you have a beneficial interest in the property. It pays to shop round for buildings and contents insurance and your solicitor can recommend a local insurance broker.

    Our final report will request the deposit to enable us to exchange contracts, and provide our Client Account bank details to send the funds to. Please contact your bank to arrange a bank transfer for the deposit, as well as any balance to complete.

    Payment can be made by cheque, allowing 7 working days to these funds to be cleared. We cannot accept payment of balance to complete or deposit by credit or debit card.


    Property registration information is now held electronically by the Land Registry. This means that electronic versions of the deeds are stored, rather than the paper versions which if lost can cause problems with selling the property. Following completion of your sale, it is unlikely there will be any paper deeds for the property.

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